Er-IF: Tackling Icemaker Fan Motor Issues in Kenmore Fridges


An icemaker fan motor is a crucial component of your Kenmore refrigerator, ensuring that your icemaker functions properly and provides you with a steady supply of ice. However, when the dreaded Er-IF error code appears, it’s a sign that there’s a problem with the icemaker fan motor. Don’t let this issue leave you high and dry! Our comprehensive guide will help you understand and tackle icemaker fan motor issues in Kenmore fridges, ensuring your fridge stays ice-cold and efficient. ❄️🧊

Is your Kenmore fridge’s icemaker giving you the cold shoulder? Our expert guide will help you understand and fix icemaker fan motor issues, keeping your fridge frosty and functional.


Understanding the Error

The icemaker fan motor serves an essential function in your Kenmore refrigerator:

  1. Distributing cold air throughout the icemaker compartment
  2. Maintaining optimal ice production

When your Kenmore fridge displays an Er-IF error code, it indicates a malfunction in the icemaker fan motor. Addressing this issue promptly is crucial to prevent further damage and maintain a reliable supply of ice.


Common Causes of Icemaker Fan Motor Issues

Several factors can cause the icemaker fan motor to malfunction or display an error code. Some of the most common causes include:


Foreign objects or debris can obstruct the fan, preventing it from spinning freely and causing a malfunction.

Worn-Out or Damaged Motor

Over time, the fan motor can wear out or become damaged, leading to poor performance or complete failure.

Faulty Wiring or Connections

Loose or damaged wiring can cause intermittent connections, resulting in erratic fan operation.

Control Board Issues

A malfunctioning control board may not send the correct signals to the fan motor, causing it to operate improperly.


DIY Troubleshooting

Before calling a professional, try these steps to troubleshoot and potentially fix the problem yourself:

  1. Inspect the Fan: Unplug the refrigerator and locate the icemaker fan motor. Check for obstructions or visible damage. Remove any debris and ensure the fan can spin freely.
  2. Test the Motor: Using a multimeter, test the motor for continuity. If the motor lacks continuity, it needs to be replaced.
  3. Check Wiring Connections: Inspect all wiring connections, ensuring they’re secure and free of damage.
  4. Consult the Owner’s Manual: Refer to your Kenmore refrigerator’s owner’s manual for specific troubleshooting steps and guidance.


How to Defrost the Ice Maker Fan

A frozen ice maker fan can be a common cause of Er-IF error codes in Kenmore fridges. Here’s how to defrost it:

Step 1: Unplug the Refrigerator

Before working on your refrigerator, always unplug it to ensure your safety.

Step 2: Locate the Ice Maker Compartment

Find the ice maker compartment in your Kenmore fridge. The compartment is typically located in the upper left corner of the freezer section.

Step 3: Remove Ice Bin

Carefully remove the ice bin to access the ice maker fan area.

Step 4: Defrost the Ice Maker Fan

There are two methods to defrost the ice maker fan:

Method 1: Natural Defrosting

Allow the ice maker fan to defrost naturally by leaving the freezer door open for several hours. Place towels around the base of the fridge to catch any melting ice.

Method 2: Speed up the Defrosting Process

To accelerate the defrosting process, use a hairdryer on a low setting. Aim the hairdryer at the ice surrounding the fan, ensuring you don’t direct heat at plastic components or wiring.

Step 5: Clean Up

Once the ice has melted, clean the area thoroughly and dry any excess water.

Step 6: Restore Power

Plug the refrigerator back in and monitor the ice maker fan’s operation to ensure it’s functioning correctly.


How to Access and Remove the Ice Maker Fan

Step 1: Unplug the Refrigerator

Before working on your refrigerator, always unplug it to ensure your safety.

Step 2: Locate the Ice Maker Compartment

Find the ice maker compartment in your Kenmore fridge. The compartment is typically located in the upper left corner of the freezer section.

Step 3: Remove Ice Bin and Shelves

Carefully remove the ice bin and any shelves that may obstruct access to the ice maker fan.

Step 4: Remove the Fan Cover

Remove the screws securing the ice maker fan cover and carefully lift the cover off.

Step 5: Disconnect the Fan Motor

Locate the fan motor’s wiring harness and disconnect it by pressing the release tab and pulling the connector apart.

Step 6: Remove the Fan Motor Assembly

Remove any screws or clips securing the fan motor assembly. Carefully lift the assembly out of the refrigerator.

Step 7: Replace or Repair the Fan Motor

With the ice maker fan motor assembly removed, you can now repair or replace the fan motor as needed.

By following these steps, you can defrost and access the ice maker fan in your Kenmore refrigerator. Always remember to work safely and consult your owner’s manual for any specific instructions related to your refrigerator model. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable performing these tasks, it’s best to contact a professional for assistance. ❄️🔧


When to Call a Professional

If you’ve tried the DIY troubleshooting methods and the Er-IF error code persists, it’s time to call a professional. A certified technician can perform advanced diagnostics and repairs, ensuring your refrigerator runs efficiently. To find a list of recommended technicians, visit the Kenmore Service Website.


Preventing Future Icemaker Fan Motor Issues

Being proactive with maintenance can help prevent icemaker fan motor issues from cropping up in the first place. Some preventative measures include:

  • Regularly cleaning the icemaker compartment and fan area
  • Periodically checking wiring connections
  • Ensuring the refrigerator has adequate ventilation



The Er-IF error code doesn’t have to put your Kenmore fridge’s icemaking abilities on ice. By understanding the potential causes and following our troubleshooting tips, you can keep your Kenmore fridge running efficiently and ensure a steady supply of ice. Remember, when in doubt, always consult a professional for assistance. Stay frosty and maintain your Kenmore refrigerator in top condition. ❄️🔧

Model Number List

Below is a list of popular Kenmore refrigerator models:

Model NumberDescription
Kenmore 795.72053.110Kenmore Refrigerator
Kenmore 795.72092.110Kenmore Refrigerator
Kenmore 795.72093.111Kenmore Refrigerator
Kenmore 795.73157.610Kenmore Refrigerator
Kenmore 795.74015.412Kenmore Refrigerator
Kenmore 795.74025.411Kenmore Refrigerator
Kenmore 795.74113.611Kenmore Refrigerator
Kenmore 795.75043.411Kenmore Refrigerator


Please note that the model numbers mentioned above are just a few examples of the many Kenmore refrigerator models available. If you’re unsure about your specific model, refer to your owner’s manual or the appliance’s identification label.

With our comprehensive guide on tackling icemaker fan motor issues in Kenmore fridges, you’ll be well-equipped to handle any Er-IF error codes that come your way. Keep your fridge frosty and your ice supply plentiful! 🧊🛠️

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